Capturing life's little moments of joy

Monday, January 31, 2011

Keeping it Real

This figurine my mom gave me just cracks me up!  It reads, "Sometimes I can't tell if I'm 'Keeping it Real' or Not."  Every time I look at it I laugh, out loud.  

Who designed this?  What did the factory workers in China think as they were making this?  Is there anyone else that has this on display in their home?  So many questions!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sick Pets and a Birthday Party

Today we spent $260, and all we got to show for it was this picture of Rambler's stomach, which we were told is empty other than some gas. 

That's right, no birthday celebration at our house is complete without a visit to the vet!  Rambler seemed to be suffering some intestinal problems as a result of eating some non-food item (socks, toys, who knows).  After an expensive trip to the vet, we learned that there was nothing identifiable wrong with him.  We're very glad that he's okay and all but really wish we hadn't wasted all that money and time worrying.

A few hours later we had the whole family gathered in our living room celebrating Chris' birthday when the unmistakable sound of a cat throwing up halted all conversation.  Ugh!  Several people had the unlucky vantage point to observe CJ vomiting up his entire lunch.  Poor Cricket had the worst seat in the house though...on the ground directly under CJ.  It's debatable whether he was actually aiming for her head or not, but if he was, he has great aim.  I guess this explains why the cats are always vying for the top perch on the condo.

Despite the animals' antics, we did have a great day celebrating Chris' birthday.  Here are a couple of photos from the happier moments of the party. 

Birthday Boy with Football Ice Cream Cake!

Col & to grad school prom after the party!

Hmm, looks like I didn't take pictures of the whole group at the party.  I think I was too tired from dealing with the animals, or maybe I was too busy eating ice cream cake!

Chris is off to Lowe's now to spend his gift cards to purchase a new workbench.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why blog?

Between having a baby, working in an elementary school, having three crazy pets, and life in general, funny little things happen pretty regularly around here.  Then poof these things are out of my mind forever!  I'm hoping that when something amusing happens, I can dash to the computer to blog about it.  Then I'll have a little record of happy moments that I can revisit in the future.
Also, I'd like to keep a record of what's going on in our family.  I'm about 6 years behind in keeping up with my photo albums and scrapbooks, so it seems it's time to try something new...blogging!  I'm thinking if it's a public record for family & friends to follow too, I might actually keep up with it! 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A January Weekend

A quiet weekend at home ...

Good thing we had these happy moments because then things took a turn for the worse as the Jets lost and Asher came down with a cold and pinkeye. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Introducing the Cast of Characters

The one embarking on this blogging adventure to document a few of my favorite moments, things that make me smile, and other bits of whimsy.

Equal parts wacky, warm-hearted, & wonderful ... a winning combination!

The little guy who has filled our house with so much laughter & love for the last 7 1/2 months.

Rambler AKA Rams, Rambie, Rambie-Bambie, Rambleton
Seen here relaxing in the mud.  Nice.

Are you getting the sense that I like to give nicknames to my pets?  Just wait...

Cricket AKA The Crickster, Crickaboo, Bugaboo, Booboo
Known for her ferocity.  I swear she is merely yawning in this photo though.

CJ AKA Caesar, J, JJ (someone once asked how JJ is short for CJ.  Well, I have no idea, but it is.)
Known for meowing incessantly when hungry, which is basically all the time.

Pizza Toppings

Conversation I had this morning:

Student (4 years old):  I had pizza for dinner last night.
Me:  Yum!  What toppings did you have on your pizza?
Student:  Peppermints.

I'm not sure if she meant pepperoni or green peppers, but I love it!  Having a conversation like this makes the morning a little bit brighter.