Capturing life's little moments of joy

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Tomato for Dessert

I guess Asher didn't eat quite enough for dinner tonight because he decided to forage in the yard afterwards.  He was very excited to find a tomato and acted like it was the most delicious food ever!

 He even offered St. Francis a bite!

The other night he decided to do a little science experiment. 
The objective seemed to be to determine how many pieces of pita bread he could stick to his head at one time using hummus to help them stick.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Photos

Here are a few photos from our playtime in the backyard this morning.  I love how Asher is really letting his little personality show in these pictures.  I hope you can just imagine his squals and babbles in the first two because that's what we're hearing around here all the time. 

Here he is focusing on one of his favorite new activities.  Puzzles!  Or Puh-duh as someone likes to say.  He can do them all by himself now too!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Afternoon Routine

Every afternoon we drive home & chat about our days.

Asher downs two cups of milk, ending his daily milk strike.  If he finishes cup #1 and I fail to get cup #2 to him immediately, there are tears, as seen in this picture

 We look for school buses, trucks, and cars with bike racks all of which are cause for celebration & clapping.

Once home, we ring the doorbell because I guess we really like to get the pets wound up!

 Rambler greets us at the door.  He never looks this calm though! 

 He races to the back door & leaps into the air!

 Then he remembers that he's supposed to sit like a good boy to go outside. 

 Once he's outside & free, he sprints in circles around the yard at top speed!
 CJ chows down.  Sometimes Asher gets out the cat brush and tries to brush him while he eats.  It's the only time CJ holds still enough to let Asher get that close to him.  We try not to disturb CJ too much during his favorite part of the day, so alas no photos of Asher brushing him while he eats. 

At last, we can settle in for some fun. 

The following are additional steps in our afternoon routine that are not photographed because they take so long anyways that a person would go mad trying to take pictures of them all & prolonging the process even more! 
  • Check the mail - this involves a slow walk down the driveway & opening & closing the door to the mailbox at least 3 times.  Sometimes we take time to make sure the flag is still working too. 
  • Slowly follow Asher as he climbs the steps to the house OR somehow haul him and all our gear up the steps
  • Wave to CJ in the front window
  • Point at and exclaim over the pumpkin
  • Comfort Asher after Rambler knocks him over or overwhelms him by his wildness
  • Feed Rambler
  • Feed Cricket
  • Lock Cricket up so nobody else eats her food
  • And so on...

Friday, October 21, 2011


Asher hopes you will all get out and enjoy the fall leaves this weekend! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


No time for blogging the last few days. 

We've been busy playing. 
 And playing some more.
And occasionally trying to cheer up a pouty boy. 
Acutally, I can't remember whether his lips are pursed like that here because he was pouting about something or because he was making motorboat sounds. 

Every night at bedtime we read this vintage storybook classic. 
I love that Asher likes it as much as I always did. 
I don't even mind that we're having to read it 2-3 times every single night!
Well, one night I did try to choose a different book for some variety, but that didn't go over so well and we ended up reading Baby's Birthday anyway. 

Also, Asher now has one big ringlet right smack dab in the back of his head.  Love it!

Monday, October 10, 2011

16 Month Update

Asher is 16 months old! 

  • Shoes
  • Books, Trucks, & Books about Trucks - This one is not changing any time soon! 
  • Opening "his" kitchen drawers and emptying all the dishtowels and oven mitts out
  • Blue, our neighborhood Daschound.  Blue gets a big squeal when he walks down our street!
  • Mom & Dad's water bottles
  • Dancing to music
  • Eating all his food (or sneaking it onto the floor or his lap), so he can proclaim "all done" by raising his arms over his head. 
  • Litter - He is dismayed when he sees trash on the street!
  • Getting his teeth brushed (unless he is distracted by holding a big water bottle)
Asher Speak - Here is a guide to help you understand all that Asher has to say. 
Dada - Dada, also used to refer to other people sometimes.  Very fun to say over & over & over again!
Mama - occasionally used for Mama, especially when in distress.
Bubba - another word for Mama
Boon - Balloon
Baba - Sheep or bottle or cup
Dodo - Dog
Tigger/Digger - Tigger.
Buh-Bye - Bye bye

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sheep, Dogs, and Tractors

We checked out the sheepdog trials this weekend to see the dogs & sheep
aka dodos and baabaas in Asher-speak.

 Someone was most impressed with the chance to explore the tractors!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Trip to the Orchard

We took a trip up the mountain to the apple orchard to celebrate fall & all that it brings
cool weather
and a free Saturday!

 Asher loved checking out the pumpkins.

 One he got ahold of this apple, he happily gnawed on it for about 45 minutes.  He even managed to eat a couple of bites, which is no small feat when you only have 2 and a half teeth!