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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


No time for blogging the last few days. 

We've been busy playing. 
 And playing some more.
And occasionally trying to cheer up a pouty boy. 
Acutally, I can't remember whether his lips are pursed like that here because he was pouting about something or because he was making motorboat sounds. 

Every night at bedtime we read this vintage storybook classic. 
I love that Asher likes it as much as I always did. 
I don't even mind that we're having to read it 2-3 times every single night!
Well, one night I did try to choose a different book for some variety, but that didn't go over so well and we ended up reading Baby's Birthday anyway. 

Also, Asher now has one big ringlet right smack dab in the back of his head.  Love it!

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