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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Afternoon Routine

Every afternoon we drive home & chat about our days.

Asher downs two cups of milk, ending his daily milk strike.  If he finishes cup #1 and I fail to get cup #2 to him immediately, there are tears, as seen in this picture

 We look for school buses, trucks, and cars with bike racks all of which are cause for celebration & clapping.

Once home, we ring the doorbell because I guess we really like to get the pets wound up!

 Rambler greets us at the door.  He never looks this calm though! 

 He races to the back door & leaps into the air!

 Then he remembers that he's supposed to sit like a good boy to go outside. 

 Once he's outside & free, he sprints in circles around the yard at top speed!
 CJ chows down.  Sometimes Asher gets out the cat brush and tries to brush him while he eats.  It's the only time CJ holds still enough to let Asher get that close to him.  We try not to disturb CJ too much during his favorite part of the day, so alas no photos of Asher brushing him while he eats. 

At last, we can settle in for some fun. 

The following are additional steps in our afternoon routine that are not photographed because they take so long anyways that a person would go mad trying to take pictures of them all & prolonging the process even more! 
  • Check the mail - this involves a slow walk down the driveway & opening & closing the door to the mailbox at least 3 times.  Sometimes we take time to make sure the flag is still working too. 
  • Slowly follow Asher as he climbs the steps to the house OR somehow haul him and all our gear up the steps
  • Wave to CJ in the front window
  • Point at and exclaim over the pumpkin
  • Comfort Asher after Rambler knocks him over or overwhelms him by his wildness
  • Feed Rambler
  • Feed Cricket
  • Lock Cricket up so nobody else eats her food
  • And so on...

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  1. I love hearing about your routine and Asher's personality. And I love his ringlet!