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Monday, October 10, 2011

16 Month Update

Asher is 16 months old! 

  • Shoes
  • Books, Trucks, & Books about Trucks - This one is not changing any time soon! 
  • Opening "his" kitchen drawers and emptying all the dishtowels and oven mitts out
  • Blue, our neighborhood Daschound.  Blue gets a big squeal when he walks down our street!
  • Mom & Dad's water bottles
  • Dancing to music
  • Eating all his food (or sneaking it onto the floor or his lap), so he can proclaim "all done" by raising his arms over his head. 
  • Litter - He is dismayed when he sees trash on the street!
  • Getting his teeth brushed (unless he is distracted by holding a big water bottle)
Asher Speak - Here is a guide to help you understand all that Asher has to say. 
Dada - Dada, also used to refer to other people sometimes.  Very fun to say over & over & over again!
Mama - occasionally used for Mama, especially when in distress.
Bubba - another word for Mama
Boon - Balloon
Baba - Sheep or bottle or cup
Dodo - Dog
Tigger/Digger - Tigger.
Buh-Bye - Bye bye

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