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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Dyeing Easter eggs was quite the adventure this year.  
We laughed.
We cried.
We shrieked.
We splashed.
We turned our bodies green.
In the end, we deemed most of our eggs inedible due to being smashed on the deck, cracked open and licked by the dog, and just generally looking unappetizing.
We had lots of fun & can't wait to do it all again next year.

In case you are interested in replicating this egg dyeing method, our technique involved the following steps.
Toss or throw eggs into cups of dye.
Squeal as you toss each one. 
Insert the dipper into the cup and stir very vigorously.
Then stir some more, splashing half of the dye everywhere.
Pull the egg out of the cup with your hand and exclaim, "Egg!"
Throw the egg into a different cup and repeat the process above.
Smash the egg in your hand.
Then smash it on the deck for good measure.
Toss it back into the cup if you can find one that hasn't had all its dye splashed out.
Periodically, look down & notice that you're not wearing a shirt.
Shout "nay nay" (naked) in alarm, make a horrified expression, & ask for your shirt.
Pour any remaining dye into a big bowl and then toss all the eggs in there.
Peel some shell off and try to take a bite out of an egg until your mom stops you.
Repeat until all eggs are thoroughly smashed and your body is dyed green.

Here Asher decided to read the directions for coloring eggs.
He promptly decided to ignore the directions.

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  1. Good thing it was a warm day Sarah! I enjoyed it as much as Asher did I think. Aunt Julie