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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

23 Month Update

23 months old - Who me??

Asher loves to do whatever Daddy and Mommy are doing.

He loves to read, read, read every day.  He reads his favorite Richard Scarry book with Daddy every morning.  He loves going to the library.  Last time we were there, he was so excited to find a book about fire trucks that he repeatedly demonstrated his piercing, loud fire engine wail for all the other library patrons to enjoy.  Luckily, nobody seemed to mind.  I wasn't too concerned because that incident was less embarrassing than when he recently loudly shouted, "poo-poo, poo-poo, poo-poo," several times in a row while we were eating out at a restaurant.  

He loves animals, especially alligators and elephants.
He loves his pets too.  Any time I tell him that we're going somewhere, like to the store or the park, he asks if Rambler and the kitties are going with us too.  He can't quite pronounce a beginning "r" sound, so he still calls Rambler " Bubler."

His favorite thing of all is to PLAY!!!
Especially play outside!!
He loves to run really fast!

Our next monthly update will be for Asher's 2nd birthday!

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  1. Happy almost second birthday, Asher! I would love to hear you say "Bubler" - sounds so cute!