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Saturday, July 2, 2011

13 Month Update

We're back!!  Just a day late for the 13th month update. 

Surprising new foods that Asher loves:  pickles & lemons.  Both elicit puzzling looks from strangers in restaurants.  Yogurt is still his fave though.  Don't dare eat one in front of him unless you plan to share.   Also, he really likes to help stir up his food now.  He's reall thorough about stirring too...taking a long time! 

Asher's favorite part of our vacation to Maine:  The fan at the top of the stairs in our cabin.  He climbed the stairs over and over again just to get a glimpse of the fan.  If we had the stairs blocked off, he would sit at the bottom of the stairs giving his sign for fan, which consists of flailing his arm round & round.  He's demonstrating the sign in this picture, which is why his arm is blurry!  Prior to this trip, he had only been exposed to ceiling fans, so I think he was very excited to discover a new type of fan. 

Personality type:  extrovert.  Asher loves being surrounded by lots of people.  In a crowded restaurant or store, he will wave at every single person and persist with the waving until he gets a response.  Once someone smiles or waves back, he will get so excited and wave even more!  Luckily his waving is cute enough that even groups of teenage boys will oblige him by waving back & smiling. 

New direction:  forward facing in the car.  He's so tall that he has outgrown his rear-facing seat.  He seems to like facing forward so much that he doesn't want to fall asleep for even one minute in the car any more. 

Favorite daily routines:  Brushing his own hair & teeth.  He also likes to brush Rambler's hair or the hair of anyone else in the room.  Sometimes the hairbrush can double as a toothbrush too! 

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