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Monday, July 11, 2011

Meal Time

New Developments at Meal Time...

Asher likes to hold at least one spoon during every meal.  Two spoons is preferable though!  He gets a kick out of tossing them down to Rambler too, which Rambler loves.  It's not uncommon to go through four or five spoons per meal! 

Occasionally he gets a spoon from the dish into his mouth, but usually he just stirs and stirs and stirs and stirs...

 After eating for awhile, he smashes his hands onto the food on his tray.  After that he usually examines his hands as if he's surprised to see so much mushed up food on them. 

Every meal concludes with Asher throwing his arms up in the air & squacking to announce that he's finished eating.

In conclusion, my favorite photos.  Asher keeping it casual at dinner time.

Examining his peaches.

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