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Sunday, November 6, 2011

17 Month Update

Asher is 17 months plus a handful of days old. 
 He's learning lots of new things.
A couple of favorites are cleaning up his toys and putting his dirty clothes in the hamper! 
He even picks up fuzz balls off the floor and walk them right over to the trash can. 
 Favorite food - pizza.  He's been known to eat two entire pieces at one meal and still ask for more. 
Other favorites are bananas, strawberries, peanutbutter, hummus and of course yogurt.
He's not very interested in meat at all. 
Maybe we have a vegetarian here!
 First thing he does when he wakes up in the morning - Knocks on the crib railing, smiles, and points to his bookshelf wanting me to get him two books that he can read while I change his diaper and get him dressed. 
 Favorite toy - puzzles.  Sometimes he likes to put all the pieces together and sometimes he'd rather just hide all the pieces behind his back. 
 Things that make Asher happy - dancing, brushing the cats, giving the cats treats, letting Rambler lick his hands, putting his shoes on,  airplanes, baths, washing his hands, playing outside, hearing a truck drive down the street, cars with anything on top of them (bike, bike rack, canoe, etc.), getting flipped upside down by dad, going for a run with mom, dad, and Rambler. 

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