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Monday, November 21, 2011

Life Lately

Asher has been full of big smiles lately. 

He actually has four teeth growing in up top now, but still only the bottom two show when he smiles.

 He and Rambler enjoy breakfast together every morning. 

They eagerly wait for Chris to come home from work...or for the garbage truck to drive down the street.  When he hears a truck coming, he points to his ear and listens closely. 

He loves arranging his toys into the perfect display.  He really puts some time and thought into getting all the toys in just the right place.  I think he may have a future career in interior design.

 Reading is his favorite thing to do. 
Like mother & father, like son.

 Sometimes he'll read one book for a really long time.  Other times, he'll quickly read one page from each book.  This particular day, he kept asking me to bring him more and more books.  He didn't want to get down from the big chair to get them himself. 

 He never leaves home without a book.  Here he is taking a reading break during a walk at the park.

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