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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Virginia Beach

We decided to take a mini-break this week and escape to Virginia Beach for a couple of days.  We had so much fun & got some much needed relaxation and time away from our usual household & pet chores! 

Things We Learned this Trip

 - Taking a two night trip with a baby requires neary as much gear and as many supplies as a week-long trip. 

 - Sand + Grabby Baby Hands = Camera Lens Error (This is the reason behind the shortage of photos in this post!  Luckily it didn't happen until the end of our trip, so the pictures will be posted eventually.)

- A crawling baby chasing sea gulls is great entertainment.

 - Afternoon siestas are extraordinary things.
- When eating at a restaurant with Asher, he will inevitably spend 70% of the time smiling at waitresses and 30% of the time crying. 

- Asher would prefer that we turn his highchair away from our own table at a restuarant, so he can see what everyone else is doing without having to get tangled up in the highchair straining to turn around.

-It is definitely acceptable, and even recommended, to eat a blizzard during every day of a vacation. 

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