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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Welcome, Birds!

Chris has been busy with a new project--
building birdhouses

He has had lots of fun using all the power tools, and now we now have these lovely birdhouses just waiting for little bird families to take up residence.  As far as we know, no birds have moved in yet. 

The pictures were taken from a distance because I didn't want our neighbors to think I was trying to take pictures through their windows!! 

 And his most recent creation...
a squirrel house

No, we do not want squirrels to move into our kitchen!  Hopefully this house will make it to a tree in our yard very soon!

Once the squirrel house is hung up, we will have reached our limit for animal houses in our yard!  Anyone reading this blog who owns a tree might receive some sort of bird/squirrel dwelling  if Chris continues with this hobby!

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