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Monday, May 2, 2011

11 Month Update

11 months old means only one more month until Asher turns 1!  How is that possible?  He is a little squishy bundle of energy busy exploring and learning new things every day.  Here's what's new with the little guy.

Favorite household object:  ceiling fans.  He is guaranteed to smile every time he enters a room with a ceiling fan.  From now on we are going to ask to be seated under a fan when we go out to eat. 

Favorite food:  yogurt.  Just like mom! 

Favorite word:  Dada!!  He likes the sound of saying it over and over and over again!!  He knows it's Chris' name, but he likes to use the word dada to refer to everything! 

Number of teeth:  Still holding steady at one and a half teeth! 

New skill:  pulling up to standing.  He often gets stuck standing though and needs someone to help him sit back down. 

New tricks:  patting his tummy or  head on command. 

So sweet:  Snuggling up on your shoulder or blankets.

We can't wait to see what the next month will have in store! 

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  1. Happy 11 months Asher! I've been looking forward to this post. Got big plans for the first birthday?