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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bounce, Walk, Run

Our weekend

Went to Bounce & Play for the first and hopefully last time.  Too many germy kids and too many grouchy parents.  We might have contributed to both of those categories, but that's not the point.  Asher's favorite part of that outing was hoarding trucks.  He would gather as many trucks as he could and then glare at anyone who got too close to them.  This scene was quite remniscient of the last birthday party he attended where there was also some truck hoarding and some glaring. 

Took a nature walk along the river in a park.  Unfortunately, the only wildlife we spotted was the wailing wild child sitting in our stroller.  No photo of this one, folks, because we had to keep a brisk pace back to the parking lot.  The wailing did almost magically cease the moment the playground was in sight. 

Went on a family jog around the neighborhood.  No photo of this one either, so I'll try to paint the scene.  Me jogging along with Rambler who likes to alternate running at top doggie speed and then stopping very suddenly to smell a telephone pole.  Chris pushing the purple jogging stroller with Asher inside waving his foam battle ax at passerbys.  We did receive quite a few stares from cars driving by when we hit the main road.  By the way, thank you to the dollar bin at Target for the foam battle ax - quite the find!  Half way through the jog we stopped at "Vulture Field" a soccer field in our neighborhood where about 100 vultures roost every night.  Creepy yet interesting.  I told Asher to look at the big birds and then realized that he was confused and looking Big Bird. 

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