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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Feeding the Pets

Asher has a new job around the house - feeding the pets! 
He loves it.
And I love it because it means he's no longer yelling about wanting to go outside to play ba-ba-ball (baseball) while I feed the pets. 

First he feeds Rambler.  He is the easiest to feed because he waits patiently. 
Rambler is not that impressed with dog food anyways.

Then he feeds Cricket. 
This is tricky because Asher has to carry the dish to the bedroom where Cricket eats.
Rambler is much more interested in cat food. 

 Then, the hardest of all, Asher feeds CJ.
CJ tries to gobble up the food before the bowl touches the ground. 

Asher carries the leftover food back to the cupboard. 
We have occasional spills, but Asher is very careful about picking up every last piece of food and putting it into the bowl.  This is agonizing for whichever pet has to wait for his/her bowl to get filled piece by piece.

He's even working on learning how to feed the birds. 
I believe Chris is maintaining 7 suet feeders, 2 birdseed feeders, and 1 squirrel feeder right now, so feeding the birds is no small task!  Asher may expect an allowance when he takes over that job! 

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