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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

20 Month Update

20 Months Old

Where did the time go? 
This is Asher's classic "I don't know" pose.

Asher is a little chatterbox now.  There is non-stop chattering in our house until he goes to bed.  He likes to say our names over and over and over again, likes to name all his other family members and friends, likes to tell us when he sees his favorite things around the house, like balloons, trucks, diggers, books, birds, elmo, and more, and he just generally likes to talk all the time. 

He likes to read lots of books before bedtime, go down slides, visit with the neighborhood dogs, get tickled, help around the house, play legos, and to see the mailman. 

He likes to be held like a "baby" and cuddled right after a bath.

When you ask him what a frog says, you can see him working really hard to get the correct sound out of his mouth.  It always comes out as "birget" or something like that, but he says it with much enthusiasm and sometimes a little hop. 

He does not like blankets (over himself or anyone else), pinecones, wearing hats, trying new foods, or anything being out of its place. 

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