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Friday, February 3, 2012

Sick Day


Asher was home sick today with a chest infection.  Daddy was more than happy to stay with his boy.

Despite being sick Asher was in a great mood this morning!

We read lots of books!  The bear he is holding went to bed with him this afternoon.

Asher and I had fun lining up all the toys we could find!

Asher learned today that even plastic men have a holes in their butts.

Elmo's World and a snack.  Life it good!

A messy nose isn't going to ruin Asher's day!

Asher and I did some decorating for the Super Bowl!

Everything went smoothly today until the mailman rang the door bell to give me a package.  Asher was sleeping soundly at the time.  I may have gotten away with it, but at the last second Rambler decided to bark like a crazy dog at the poor USPS worker.  Asher started to cry at this point.  He may have gone back to sleep, but I accidentally kicked a bone across the room trying to get a handle on Rambler.  The cats chose this moment to meow loudly for their dinner.  At this point Asher was not going back to sleep.  Asher was crying, but calmed down once I picked him up and laid him on the changing table.  He then asked for "Mama."  I told him that she wasn't back yet and he immediately started crying hysterically.  He did calm down quickly, but I ended up holding him most of the next few hours until Mommy came home.

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  1. Great job, Dad! I hope you'll be a guest blogger again. :)