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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Asher likes to help with all household chores now - cooking, dusting, vacuuming, washing windows, brushing the pets, putting away laundry, picking up toys, and more.  We're lucky he doesn't know about the concept of getting an allowance. 

If anything is out of place, I can count on Asher to let me know immediately. 
In fact, if there is any departure from the norm, he notices it and alerts everyone else.
He will keep up the alert until someone puts things back to normal or explains the reason for the change.
For example, this morning, he was alarmed that I was not wearing socks.

His newest chore was to help with was shoveling snow.
The shovel was a big hit!

He had a one-handed technique so as not to have to put down his monster truck.
The monster truck seems to be glued to his hand recently!
Perfect gift from Scott & Colleen.

We've also been trying out a few science experiments lately, like mixing colors.

Stay tuned for a picture of Asher's big boy haircut tomorrow. 
Also, he may look a bit bigger since he has been eating cheerios for 40 minutes nonstop every morning recently.


  1. If Asher runs out of chores at home I'm always available to provide him with more...
    Love from Gramma!!

  2. What is that lovely green stuff he is eating?