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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Making Muffins

Asher loves to bake!  Today he and I made muffins.

His favorite part might be getting to stand on the chair!

He also loves seeing the eggs in the bowl, and of course stirring them up too. 

Excuse my crazy hair!  I had just finished running 6 miles in the blustery wind. 

Asher's least favorite part of the baking process was eating what we'd made! 

He wouldn't even try one bite!
Maybe next time we'll try making chocolate chip muffins instead of whole wheat pumpkin muffins!

Eating oranges is much more fun!


  1. Great muffin baking photolog!
    Congratulations on your run.

  2. We have just discovered the joys of baking here too! I love Asher's smile in the top photo. Isn't it amazingly gratifying to see your kid that happy?