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Sunday, December 4, 2011

18 Month Update

Here's Rambler. 
He wanted his picture to be first today. 
He likes squeaky toys, sunbathing, and chasing squirrels.
He does not like the mail man or stairs. 

Asher is 18 months old. 
I have known him for 550 days as of today.

He is a sweetie, who is talking more every day. 
Recently he's learned some new words:  beep beep, nose, Lyla (his friend).
He has also added neigh (said while shaking his head) to his animal sound repertoire.
He likes to say Ho, Ho, Ho when he sees Santa. 
We're hoping that will ease his fear when we plop him on Santa's lap soon!

And he has learned to say NO.
        Uh oh!
        Luckily he says uh-huh too for yes.

He likes to flop down on pillows, ring the doorbell, see school buses, climb stairs, chase cats, kiss Rambler, eat eggs, build with Lego's, look for airplanes, bark at dogs, help clean up, and cuddle when he first wakes up.

He does not like to eat grapefruit, share pillows, or eat a meal without having a cup of milk to drink too.
That's all I can think of!
He is a very agreeable guy!

He goes to bed every night at 7:00.
At bedtime he likes to read as many books as he can get away with! 
I've tried to limit it to four books recently.
But he's always happy to get in his crib and go to sleep when we finish reading.
When he wakes up in the morning, he often sings a few songs to himself before we go get him up.
Occasionally when we come in, he looks at us with surprise and as if we've interrupted his singing. 

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