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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Boy, Some Bears, and a Wolf

Asher has a new favorite book -
The Berenstein Bears' Christmas Tree

It's his dad's favorite too! 
A definite must-read before bedtime every night now. 

He's showing off his favorite page here. 
The page with the fierce looking wolf! 
We turn to this page repeatedly during the story.  I do mean over and over! 
At this very moment Chris is taping that page for the second night in a row due to excessive page turning. 
I mean some nights this is the only page of the book you get to read. 
Asher always gets so excited to scary wolf and points right to the mouth & sharp teeth.
He's working on perfecting his wolf howl too.

I guess that's what having a boy is all about! 
Love it! 

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