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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Elusive Christmas Card Worthy Photo

I've been busy trying to create a Christmas card as cute as last year's card. 

It's a little more challenging this year considering
  • Asher's failure to appreciate a good elf hat
  • no Santa suit scored at the consignment sale this year
  • toddler's ability to run away from the photographer
So here are a few more blooper shots from the last few days. 

Light in his mouth, probably not the safest thing!

About to sneeze?

Refusing to smile.

Handstand attempt? 

Fleeing the scene.

Meltdown rapidly approaching.

Electronics are much more interesting than posing for pictures. 

Gave up on Asher for awhile and got a few self portraits instead.

At last, we put away the camera, and Asher had a chance to focus on what he really wanted to do all along.
Sesame Street Christmas book!

Here's the picture we may use.  I just wish he was flashing his baby blues at the camera, but I don't think either one of us wants to try for a better shot! 

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  1. Last year Asher had sweet Santa cheeks!