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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Cat's Life

Today I spent the day at home with Asher & the animals because Asher has a cold.

Things I discovered:
  • Cats really do sleep 20 hours per day.  These two only awoke for feeding time.  What a life!
  • Every time I open the door to the fridge, Asher will want to play in it.  Every time I close the door, he will scream. 
  • He can make it from across the room to the fridge in less than 1 second.
  • Asher thinks it is funny to sit in the dog's water dish.  It is pretty funny actually!
That's all.  I guess it was a pretty quiet day.  Big rain storm coming tonight, so Chris is hoping school will be closed for a flood day tomorrow.
Napping Buddies

CJ's Favorite Hobby

"Why hello cute baby."

Asher really loves to play with random household objects

Watching Squirrels

1 comment:

  1. Random household objects are both cheaper and more entertaining than toys - so why do we keep buying toys? These are the things you ask yourself while watching the cats sleep and the baby have a love affair with a spray bottle.

    Asher is adorable as always. We hope we'll get a chance for another visit in May!