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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Asher tried out the swings at our neighborhood playground yesterday. 

The verdict is...he loves it!

We had a feeling he would love swinging because he really has fun when we toss him into the air or bounce him around.  The more vigourous the better!  This better not be a sign that he's going to be a real daredevil! 

I wish I had a picture to share of the whole spectacle while Asher was swinging.  Just imagine me & Chris both snapping pictures wildly, shooting videos, and dancing all around while exclaiming about Asher's cuteness.  Also imagine poor Rambler moping due to his walk being interrupted by the stop at the playground.  I imagine it was quite amusing to anyone passing by!

Here's the video!


  1. He is sooo cute! Isn't it wonderful to think of all the other fun things that he will get to experience for the first time in the next few years?

  2. So precious! I love seeing how you Chris are enjoying him. Asher is one lucky little guy to be loved the way you two love him.