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Friday, March 4, 2011

Green Eggs & Ham

Do you like green eggs and ham? 
Do you like them in a box or with a fox?
Do you like them in a house or with a mouse?
How about on a boat or with a goat?

I do not like to eat green eggs and ham, but I do like to cook them with the kids at school.
We cooked up a batch of green eggs and ham (and turkey too for the non-pork eaters) this morning.
Some of the kids thought the green eggs were playdoh.  One looked at me with sad, sad eyes and asked why they had to eat playdoh for snack!

Happy birthday to Dr. Seuss by the way.  It's a week-long celebration around here!   


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  1. Yummy! How did Asher like the GE&H?