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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

9 Month Update

How did nine months go so slowly when I was pregnant and anticipating Asher's arrival and so incredibly quickly now that he's here in my life? 

Well, here he is at 9 months old, modeling a couple of my favorite hats before it's too warm to wear them!


Likes:  bathtime in the big tub, crawling around the house looking for mommy when she leaves the room, crawling after various pets, being barefoot, napping on mommy's lap, applesauce.

Dislikes:  socks, shoes, napping in his crib

Number of Teeth:  2/3 of a tooth

Stay tuned because tomorrow's post will feature a cute video!  I bet you can guess who will be the star of the video!


  1. Sarah, your news about Asher makes my day. One question, how many hats does he have?

    I'm jealous that you can see grass in C'ville-we haven't seen any for months.
    Aunt Julie

  2. A boy can never have enough hats!