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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Elements of a Good Weekend

A good book to read.
Quesadillas at El Tapatio. 
Cute new shoes from the clearance section.
Running until my legs are sore.
Sleeping until 7:40 on Saturday morning.  7:40 people, that is a BIG deal!
Visits with Mara & Sara.
Cuddling with Asher.
Dog walking in the sunshine.

All in all,
A good weekend!

Bonus:  going into work after 9:00 this Monday
and Tuesday too!
Much better than the usual 7:30.

I can just hear Asher's noisy babbling in this picture.  Not sure what Chris is looking at!

Asher & Rambler both vying for Daddy's attention.

So focused on his play.

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  1. I see from the photos that you married a Yankees fan. I feel like I married into "fandom" in general, but Rich's favorite teams are the Yankees and UVA. Good Luck with the running!