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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Running to Key West

Hello.  Here we are today.  Actually this picture is from yesterday when it was warm & breezy & wonderful, and we were so happy to be home "celebrating" President's Day. 

Today we were back to scraping the ice from our windshields and back to work.  I didn't take any photos because we probably would have all been grimacing in them! 

Okay, we've started moving along in our run to Key West.

Maybe I can create a visual to track where we are along the way.  I think I'll wait on that until we've at least gotten out of central Virginia though!
Miles we've Run          Miles to Go
  48                           1125

Once we get to Key West, we'll be happier than this...

In other news, Asher is working on learning to drink from a sippy cup.  He's very interested in the cup but hasn't figured it out yet.  He finds it much easier & more fun to drink bath water out of a cup in the tub though.  By the way, those are just green beans under his nose!

And here he is using the "no hands" technique.  It's not really working for him! 

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