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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

8 Months

Can Asher really be 8 months old already?  I had to count the months three times because it just doesn't seem possible!  Here's what he's up to at 8 months.

Weight - 19 pounds+
Favorite Toy - The remote control.  We rarely let him have it, but he's always looking for the chance to grab it and give it a lick!
Favorite Foods - apple mango, peas, avocado, squash, banana, carrots, tofu, cottage cheese, sweet potato... 
Least Favorite Food - mashed potatoes.  It's inexplicable.
Bedtime - 7:00 PM
Favorite Pasttimes - sticking out his tongue, listening to himself "talk," creeping around on his stomach, scooting backwards, trying to roll off of the changing table, jumping in the jumparoo or in someone's arms, sitting on the floor playing with lots of toys, and getting tickled.
Number of Teeth - 0


  1. He really is a doll & they grow up so fast... We have to all get together & meet the little one soon :-)

  2. I know what you mean - Sophie seems so much older at 7 months than 6. Crazy! Asher is adorable and looks sp happy. We'll be in Cville in May and would love to see you guys again then.