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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Running to Key West

I'm dusting off my running shoes and becoming a runner again.  It's been just over a year since I've run with any sort of regularity or enthusiasm, and that's sad.  At first I had some legitimate excuses...snowmageddon, feet too swollen to fit into any shoes, taking care of a newborn...but then it just became a habit not to run.  So today I get back on track and reclaim my identity as a runner.  I'm excited about getting fit and being healthy, but I also need a little extra motivation, which is why I'll be using travel as an incentive.

I'm running to Key West!! 
No, not all at once or even all by myself.  My mom, sister, Chris, and I are going to add up all the miles we run until they total the distance from home to Key West.  Then we'll reward ourselves with a flight there!  In case you're curious, it's 1173 miles.  Yikes!  Did I mention that is is a long term goal?  I'm envisioning Key West being especially delightful in January or February.  Sooner than that would be great too!  Here's where we stand so far.

Miles We've Run               Miles to Go
                                                               11                                1162


  1. ahhh - Key West... hands down one of the best vacations Brian & I have ever taken. That's a fun way to achieve that vacation goal! Good Luck :-)

  2. Thanks! We've never been, but are excited about the idea!

  3. I'm following you blog! :-) and impressed by your goal. I was never able to get back into running after Will was born. My husband Rich, on the other hand, hadn't run for 5 years and on his first day back ran 4 miles. It was maddening! But I swim now instead and really enjoy it.