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Friday, February 25, 2011

The Week in Review

I haven't had too much time for blogging this week due to sinking into the couch and doing nothing in the evenings.  Here's a recap of the events of the week. 

Chris wins big at the school raffle.  He’s now the proud owner of...a new vacuum! 
He was extremely excited.  (Rambler really wanted to be in the photo too.)

So far said vacuum has not made it out of the box.

Was winning a vacuum the highlight of our week? 
I sincerely hope not!  
It's what I can think of right now though.

Asher learns to clap. 
We think waving goodbye might be next, but whenever we wave at him, he just gives us a weird look. 
I think our technique of wild arms flailing scares him a bit.  Perhaps we should try to teach him a more refined wave a la Queen Elizabeth. 

Or I might teach him raise the roof.  That would be awesome!

Check out the new necklace I made this week. 
Hopefully I'm looking "like snazzy" as one of my students said this week.

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